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Along 25 years Toquelados e Implementos Agrícolas S.A. de C.V. has stand as one of the highest growth and forefront companies in the metal stamping area.

Our commitment is further the opportunity of have business with YOU, dear friend, and this dedication is also to contribute with our country development: MEXICO.

We know that the international business trend to the globalization and many companies are already there. But at Toquelados e Implementos Agrícolas S.A. de C.V. we keep a positive vision, because no mater the time and frame, meanwhile a part under the technology creation be required, TIASA will be there to produce it with quality and precision.

That's why we are at your entire disposition, are commitment is are yours, we know that the goals are reached if are shared with companies with one main goal: SUCCEED.

Thanks for your time and opportunity to provide to you this information that is at your entire disposition by the technologies that allow worldwide communication, this site was made to let YOU know TIASA magnitude. Please let us reach you.