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TIASA is a company fulfill with the best quality, it's available in production and development, we have a Metrology System with the best precision measurement equipment, with those precision equipment we stamping parts of high quality. We have the capacity to make indoors and outdoors measurements with the best equipment.


1.- Heavy-duty, bench-top model with horizontal optical system.
2.- Erect Image on Day-bright screen.
3.- 356mm (14") dia. Protractor screen with crosshair and staggered linaes for easy alignment.
4.- Digital angle measurement to 1`or 0.01 .
Floating-type workstage incorporates linear scales for fast, accurate measurement.
5.- Built-in XY counter.
6.- Contour ilumination with halogen bulb. Surface ilumination with halogen bulb.
7.- suitable for thread pitch measurements-free from blurred or distorted images when the workpiece is angled.
8.- Wide range of accessories for varied applications.

Resolution 0.001mm. .00005"/0.001mm
Functions: Zero-setting, +/- direction switching.
Data hold, edge signal output.
Power supply : 85-132V AC/170-264V AC, 50/60 Hz.
340x180x183mm (13.39"x7.09"x7.20")
Mass: 6kg (13.2lbs.)